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Saturday, 02 February, 2019
Grow Your Own Peppers 5 Pack (Fredericksburg) Grow Your Own Peppers 5 Pack Includes five different cans that allow you to grow your own peppers right in the can itself! Comes packed in a nice burlap sack. Chocolate Habanero Peppers 500,000 SHU Ghost Chili Peppers 1,000,000 SHU Scorpion Peppe...
Monday, 31 December, 2018
The Challenge Gift Pack (Fredericksburg) Know someone who likes it hot and who's always up for a challenge? This gift pack is sure to test their limits! Comes packed in a nice burlap sack. The Challenge Gift Pack includes: 2 - The Toe of Satan Challenge Lollipops 1 - The Death Nut Challenge...
Saturday, 15 December, 2018
Norman Rockwell Merry Christmas Three Pack (Fredericksburg) Give the gift of nostalgia and simpler times with three Norman Rockwell Christmas themed cans of nuts stacked and shrink wrapped. 10 oz. Virginia Salted Peanuts 10 oz. Butter Toasted Peanuts 12 oz. Dusted Chocolate Toffee Peanuts https://www.trymy...
Tuesday, 27 November, 2018
White Trash Mix (Fredericksburg) White Trash is an Irresistible mix of pretzels, crisp cereals, and pecans covered in a creamy white chocolate confection. Ingredients: Confection Coating, Cereal, Pretzels, Pecans, Confectioners Sugar, https://www.trymynuts.com/white-trash